This organization was nothing short of a transformative experience.  The amount of physical stuff I was holding onto was epic.  And it wasn't until I purged it did I feel the emotional benefits of being free from all of it.  Savannah was so patient and knowledgeable and strict about parting with anything that no longer served me.  I could not EVER have done this job on my own.  I am extremely grateful.  When I witnessed the sheer amount of stuff that was to go, I learned a lesson to buy more carefully and to keep only what you love.  Oh and my my closet looks magazine worthy beautiful and my house feels healed.

A. Keidan

When I first starting working with Savannah, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t necessarily a skeptic but I wasn’t completely sure if this type of work was for me.  That all changed after my first session with her.  We started organizing and working on my apartment and after living there for almost five years, it finally started to feel like home.  The energy almost immediately shifted and now my apartment is no longer just an apartment, it’s a real home.  It not only changed the way I live but also the way I feel.  Add on to that the Reiki work that we did and it truly is a game changer.  Even after my house work was complete, I kept seeing Savannah for more Reiki work.  It opened my body and my energy, and even after only a few sessions, I have more confidence and less anxiety.

N. Di Nardo

What I found special about working with Savannah was her ability to bring in a sense of soul into the spaces she designs. I've lived in my apartment for 8 years and it's never brought me joy like it does now. Savannah really listened to me and was able to mix my style, my needs, and most importantly my personality and make my apartment an expression of me. Savannah has a keen sense of space and color that gives a room warmth and a sense of comfort. She thinks out of the box, was respectful of my budget, and was simply fun to work with. I could not be happier and I recommend her!

K. Riach

Savannah is the kind of person you wish you would have met sooner in your life. She sees through your objects, your ideas, your taste and far beyond, and puts it all back into something that other people wish they would have thought in the first place. She knows how to balance a room, extract the best of its soul. She's great, talented and really passionate. I would highly recommend her.

G. Lacroix