The process goes beyond the design of a space.


I trained as an interior designer and have worked in the field for over seven years.  After a series of life shifts that culminated in a retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru I discovered a different way of working and ultimately my gifts for healing and guidance.  Organically, my process evolved to incorporates elements of interior design, energy healing, space clearing, intention work, organization, de-cluttering and collaboration.  By viewing surroundings as a mirror, I am able to guide clients to not only create spaces that are beautiful, grounded, collected and deeply cared for but also move deeper into a trans-formative experience that begins with spaces and often moves into self.  By clearing and designing space in tandem with Reiki on the body, clients are able to move through anything in opposition to the life they seek to create and inhabit. 

What I refer to as conscious design is inherently intuitive based on the client.  It often involves clearing out physical junk and clutter, energy clearing and connecting and finally a highly collaborative approach to interior design that allows me to guide and teach clients how to create the most sacred of spaces that are beautiful, personal and of course, functional. 

I draw heavily from my Los Angeles upbringing with an antique dealer/decorator mother and designer/builder father.  After receiving a BA from Fordham University, I continued my scholarly pursuits in the Arc_ID program at UCLA where I honed skills in space planning, rendering and design composition.  Since then I have worked in textiles, furniture manufacturing, and renovation, in addition to ongoing consulting and design projects.  I am Reiki certified and experienced working on individuals and clearing space.

This work is really important and I have seen the positive impact of it not only in my own life but for my clients and friends. Conscious design marries thoughtful aesthetics with good vibes and deep clearing and connecting.   The benefits are astounding and can range from uplifting your spirit to finding your path to bringing love into your life to feeling safe in your home and well beyond.  I am committed to working with anyone who is open.

xo Savannah