The process goes beyond the design of a space.

I have always had a sensitivity to space.  My mom was a decorator and I intuitively understand that language.  However, when I began to build my own practice, the typical framework for the design process continually felt like it didn't fit.  There was a disconnect, a lack.  After a deeply transformative trip to Peru I began to explore Reiki healing and how that could enhance my process.  A new way of working emerged for me. 

I delve deeper into the energetic field to work through emotional baggage, pull out physical stuff that is no longer needed and design space that is connected, honest, functional and always beautifully enriching.

There are many facets here to work with.  A simple closet clearing can uncover the deeper emotional voids that want to be filled.  An energetic space clearing can illuminate areas of self that have been neglected or ignored.  A Reiki session can attract extraordinary opportunities.  A living room design can affirm worth and purpose.  We hold on to pain and fear and stories we've crafted about who we are and how we should live.  My process looks at those things through a different lens.  I examine how they are reflected in the home.  I guide clients through them, to heal deep wounds.  Then we redesign their space as a truer reflection, free of stagnant energy, unwanted things  and old patterns.  The goal, in the end, is to move through it all towards love.  

xo Savannah